Bats and THUNDER, 4 reviews

Detective Comics Annual #12 All the Rage: part one of two. Written by David Hine with art by Agustin Padilla. Good story here as a whole. I like Nightrunner and think it’s nuts that the conservative blog-o-sphere is having fits that the Batman Inc. rep. in France is going to be a Muslim immigrate. It’s pretty obvious that they didn’t actually read this and its second half in Batman Annual #28. I do have some beefs with this story though. In it Bruce Wayne is the Batman Inc. representative and not just the person funding the organization and on top of that he himself is solving crime as Bruce Wayne! He gets a clue from the French Commissioner that neither the police or their cryptographers can crack. Bruce reads it out loud and instantly solves it! Hell, what does Bruce even wear the costume if he is going to act this way? I think this is a huge mistake in character. I am totally behind the Batman “franchise” and think it is going to give us some really cool and interesting stories and I’m even down with Wayne Ind. publicly funding it. But Bruce shouldn’t be the face of the union of these to “Companies.” Really the union should be no more than Wayne Ind. gives Batman a lot of cool expensive tech. But if it is going to be more than that, Bruce shouldn’t be that face. Or at least he should be in disguise, use the new fake face they have showing in Detective Comics # 872. Bruce Wayne is a “playboy.” Him suddenly being a “fixer” for Batman Inc. makes no sense to me. There are two secondary stories in this issue. One being of the Question going back to Nanda Parbat to get rid of or control the “Mark of Cain” she got from Vandal Savage. It was a pretty good story. I’m a huge Question fan so it’s great to get to see her character being used. The second story is some origin of Nightrunner which I liked also, it felt very organic are real for the “superhero origin.”

Batman Annual #28 All the Rage: part two of two. Written by David Hine with art by Agustin Padilla, Andres Guinaldo, Lorenzo Ruggiero and Walden Wong.  Good story all around and I really do like how they use the Question in this story, she is such and interesting character with so much going one. There really should be a Question on going, or at minimum some kind of maxi series, the audience is there DC you just have to get some good creators on it. I like this new Bruce/Batman, he is still a total hard-core hard-ass but he’ll give people a shot now. He is still a loner at heart but understands the need for others around him. It makes him a little more healthy without him loosing his edge.

THUNDER Agents #1 The High Road. Written by Nick Spencer with pencils by Cafu. Oh, this is going to be another good one folks! First issue, the entire super team dies! How many books can say that? And no, they aren’t going to go back and tell us there stories leading up to their deaths. They are gone, dead, will not be in this book again, dead. Awesome and quite the surprise. What’s interesting in this first book are the people behind the THUNDER Agents. The “handlers” and recruiters.  This is going to be one of those books where is runs just a little bit off the beating path and makes you go “Oh, wow” a lot.

THUNDER Agents #2 Live Fast Die Young. Written by Nick Spencer with pencils by Cafu. Issue two and “Oh, wow.” Toby, the recruiter, and Colleen, the handler are just awesomely interesting characters. Their out look on their jobs and each other and their character quirks alone make this book worth reading. Then we start to learn about the new team and first up is Lightning. The way they explain how is power works and what they show are just fantastic! It feels very original to me, as he runs at super speed it takes years off his life, but not how you would expect. If you want to know it’s a must read. I’m going to get issue three at the store next week and if it is anything like these last two issue this is going on my pull list for sure.

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  1. Eric P. I. says:

    Totally agree with you regarding Bruce Wayne as the public face/recruiter/whatever of Batman, Inc.

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