Punishment: Shot into Space, Mind-wiped, Scolded by a Talking Cat 3 reviews

Batman Incorporated #2 Resurrector! Written by Grant Morrison with pencils by Yanick Paquette. The first three pages of this issue rocked my socks off! The shot of room below Batman full of water was great as one character is asking “This is impossible! Isn’t it?”  and page 2 and 3, full spread of Catwoman kicking the giant octopus is grand. All the little things floating around in that picture just make it classic.The shot of the octopus hanging out of the window at the end of the fight with the sea gulls picking at it is pretty cool too. The only thing I don’t like about this art is Batman’s new suit and more specifically the fact that it always looks like he is wearing an armored diaper. Maybe it’s just the rivets on it but I don’t like it, not one bit. The fact that the Japanese shot Lord Death Man into outer space is pretty hard-core way of dealing with a super criminal. I wonder if he just keeps starving to death, over and over again. Morrison must have listened to all of us, no cat noises from Catwoman in this issue. This title has been entertaining so far but doesn’t have the magic that the Batman title or Batman & Robin had when Morrison was writing them. Curious to see where this all goes. Morrison usually has more going on than what there seems to be to start out with so we’ll see what happens. I do find it interesting that it seems like other writers on other books have been filling out how this whole Batman Franchise works more than Morrison, who is the creator behind the idea.

Gotham City Sirens #18 Yrotsih. Written by Peter Calloway with art by Jeremy Haun. I like these ladies. To me they are fun. I found it surprising that so many people I follow on twitter dislike or hate this title. Saying it’s just really bad. Now, I’m not as fond of the current creative team as I was when Paul Dini was writing it as I’ve talked about before but I don’t think this title is all stinky either. As a matter of fact I thought this issue was a pretty smart issue as Harley and Ivy deal with that fact that Catwoman has been lying to them about who Batman is. Zatanna starts to pull Catwoman’s memories from her until she realizes she’s been fooled. Should be interesting next issue to find out who lands on their feet and who doesn’t.

Wonder Woman #605 Runaway Fate. Written by JMS and Phil Hester with pencils by Don Kramer, Eduardo Pansica and Daniel Hdr. I can already feel Phil Hester’s hand on this book and it is nothing but good. Suddenly Diana has a personality again. I hear the talking cat is a JMS thing so I’ll give him that because it might be a fun character but Philippus is all Hester and I love the idea of this Amazon who loves football and the reasons why she does. The scenes of Diana as a little girl and her sense of Justice I loved, this is Wonder Woman starting to feel like Wonder Woman, not some mess they had going in earlier issues. The pawn shops scene was fun also. I am nothing but excited for the title now that Hester is on it. You can tell from all the places he has been talking on the internet that he really cares about make Wonder Woman a great and grand title that it deserves.

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