All in the Middle of the Road 3 reviews

Green Arrow #7 Angels and Demons. Written by J.T. Krul with art by Mike Mayhew. How about that. I spend last review of this title saying that the book was going nowhere and they weren’t really giving me enough to care about and then this issue comes along.  This issue is very thoughtful and Ollie doesn’t feel like a total whiny baby. I even like how the forest and Galahad play in this issue. If Ollie needs to work through more of his “issues” I hope this is how it comes across from now on. It just felt more organic and thought than it has since the titles latest reboot. Also, Mike Mayhew’s art and Andy Troy’s colors really make this issue look rich and alive.  I wouldn’t mind at all if they took over art on this book.

  • Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine Another Fine Mess Part four. Written by Jason Aaron with pencils by Adam Kubert. There are a couple of fun lines of dialog in this issue but as a whole it was kind of a “eh” issue. We get to see who is behind the diamond in-crested baseball bat but for some reason they just didn’t grab my attention all that much. Who shows up at the end of the issue amuses me so I’m betting next issue will have things going crazy in a fun way again. Only two more issues left, got to have something more happening soon to tie this all up and have it be a good limited series.
  • Justice Society of America Supertown Part three. Written by Marc Guggenheim with art by Mike Norton.  The cover of this issue says Scott Kolins did the art but on the inside it says Mike Norton. I think it really is Norton because people’s faces don’t look as round and Kolins has been drawing them for the JSA. But the art does look a lot like the rest of the latest stuff so that has me thinking that a lot of the look of this book is being controlled by the colorist Mike Atiyeh. So that might be where the issue I have with the art in this book should be directed at. Beyond the look of this book I am interested to see where Guggenheim is taking us. This is for sure not the book it has been in the past. Where in the past this book seemed to be a lot about the “Family” that the JSA is this take on it is more what kind of a “Society” it could be and fine with see where that goes. That being said, the way this issue ends, I’m surprise more of the “blog-o-sphere” isn’t up in arms with the potential death of Lightning. She is a female hero and a minority. Maybe this is just a sign that they aren’t reading this book?
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