I like it, I want to like it, I can’t like it 3 reviews

  • Teen Titans #90 Shedding Some Like on the Subject. Written by J.T. Krul with pencils by Nicola Scott. I’m liking the new Teen Titans creative team. They quickly show that they have their act together. This first arc may not be totally gripping but there is a lot to enjoy here. The characters all seem genuine and have character, even if some of them I wish weren’t on the team. I think the art is perfect for the book, except for the fanged Beastboy. Damian is a great addition to the team, hell I would by a book of just Ravager and Robin/Damian teaming up! I’m looking forward to seeing what Solstice brings to the book.
  • Justice League of America #52 JLA: Omega Part 3 D.C. Challenge. Written by James Robinson with pencils by Mark Bagley. Oh JLA, I really want to like you but this arc has just been, eh, for me. I like the current make up of the team, it  works for me. I’m always a fan of the Crime Syndicate of America and they have some good parts in this issue. But as a whole the story feels lack luster. I look forward to the end of this arc and the starting of the Eclipso arc. New artist and villains I really like.
  • Outsiders #35 Betrayal. Written by Dan Didio with pencils by Philip Tan. I have nothing to say about this comic other than I will not be reading this book until there is a totally new creative team on it. This book went down hill so fast since Didio took over on the book it just makes me sad. Sad that I spent so much money on it hoping it would get better. Maybe this will be the subject of my first letter to the new Letters Page DC has started up.
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