A Quick Five Reviews

Teen Titans #96 Beast of Legend Written by JT Krul with pencils by Jose Luis. I’m sorry…I don’t care how many times Beast Boy says he’s “not a joke” he is still a joke to me and this story didn’t change my mind. Garth has his moments when it does the hero bit fine but you can’t just tell me in internal monologue that “I’m not a joke” and the reader is suddenly going to go “hey! Beast Boy isn’t a joke!”, at least not this reader. Solstice is about the only interesting character at this point in the book and that’s possible only because she is so new. I hope the relaunch of this title really has a new spark and life to it because I’m just tired of this characters as a whole. Bring back the “core group” as some call it did nothing for me with this title. I’m much preferred the line up in Henderson was writing the book, too bad the story telling was so bad.

Batman #711 Pieces part two: the Long Way Back. Written by Tony S. Daniel with pencils by Steve Scott. Ever since Ivan Brandon’s Two-Face back up in the Streets of Gotham I have been really digging the character. He has gone back to his roots, being a hardened gangster with a psycho-edge. That edge has been turned up to maximum right now because someone has stolen his personal coin that he makes good and bad decisions with. Not only that, in this issue of Batman he has teamed himself up with the Riddler and is going after the Falcone crime family. Nothing ground breaking in this issue but a good standard Batman affair all the same.

Batman and Robin #24 The Streets Run Red part 2 of 3: Exit Strategy. Written by Judd Winick with art by Greg Tocchini. Favorite lines in this issue is anytime Robin says “This sucks.” It cracks me up every time. Also, I’m learning I kinda like Jason/Red Hood, I just put aside all the Batman trappings and view him as an over the edge vigilante and he’s kinda cool. Putting Scarlet in the mix of this comic makes me interested in what’s next so as a whole I was happy with this comic.

Wonder Woman #612 The Odyssey part twelve: Ghost of the Gods. Written by JMS and Phil Hester with pencils by Don Kramer. So, this is the issue where we get the “why this all happened”. I love the idea of what Wonder Woman is supposed to do to beat this evil but I don’t think we saw that. I missed the Love that Diana was supposed to have learned while hidden away. Do I think this whole Odyssey was a failure? No, I think Phil Hester did a fine job with what he was given. Do I think Hester could have done a better job if he wasn’t tied to JMS plot? Yes. Do I still think they should have never done this in the first place? Most definitely. Also, check out the costume on the last page. Now there is a costume I can get behind!

Wolverine #10 Written by Jason Aaron with pencils by Renato Guedes. So Logan starts his hunt of the Red Right Hand in this issue. He doesn’t have to hunt very hard as they are waiting for him to find them so they can send Meta after Meta to try and tear him down. Wolverine is always cool fighting but the good part of this current arc is seeing the back stories of the people who are the Red Right Hand and why they hate Logan so much. In this issue we find out why the leader hates Logan so much that he forms the Red Right Hand. Solid issue and much more interesting than Logan in Hell.

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